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Y llegó la Primavera a Madrid

Hoy es uno de esos días, no muy frecuentes, que me siento orgulloso de vivir en Madrid. Se ha dado a conocer la candidatura de… 410 more words


Mt Banks SOTA activation 8/3/2015

Mt Banks VK2/CT-032 VKFF-041 Blue Mountains NP 1060m 6pts (0459z – 0659z)

A 10 min drive and 30 min walk from Mt Tomah. Mt Banks… 1 035 more words

Amateur Radio

Mt Tomah SOTA activation 8/3/2015

After enjoying all day Saturday at Canoelands for the SOTA party, and with the prospect of more activity on the Sunday, a trip to Mt Tomah with possible follow up at… 1 293 more words

Amateur Radio

W9: Nuevos movimientos sociales en tiempos de crisis

Hoy reflejo sobre el artículo ”Nuevos movimientos sociales en tiempos de crisis” por Miren Etxezarreta

Hace mucho tiempo que necesitaba yo aprender más sobre el 15M y su entorno económico-social. 496 more words

3. Wiki Wednesday

Global Networked Labour Union | CoopFunding

Together we build a Commons Humanity

Global Networked Labour Union seeks your broadest support for the network of emancipatory projects we have been building in collaboration with others.  127 more words


space invaders

I have what many in the US might consider to be a work contract for impoverishment, for the hours I put in and the take-home pay that compensates me, I’m seriously underpaid by American standards. 488 more words


A New Season

Dear people,

The 15M movement that exploded in May 2011 gave rise to a galaxy of different assemblies, initiatives, movements and struggles in permanent evolution. And although the… 581 more words