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3Y0Z: 20M and "Cross Quarter Days"

This morning I am hearing ON4UN very well on 20M on the Short Path, which is a polar path on 20M:

The polar path to ON4UN grazes a weak auroral oval… 189 more words


3Y0Z: Upper Band Issue for the West Coast . . .

The predictions that 20M would be great at 0100z on 20M is not panning out. The band has closed already.

VOACAP Online Prediction = starts at 23 or 24z… 118 more words


Why Bright House have been forced to repay £15m to its customers

Times are tight for many in the UK. Inflation is on the rise and there has been little or no real wage growth to speak of. 158 more words

3Y0Z and 17M - I'll be Competitive There!

I didn’t see much on 15M just now – but 17M is humming, and LU’s are strong and give some indication of the band just before our sunset. 146 more words