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Why Bright House have been forced to repay £15m to its customers

Times are tight for many in the UK. Inflation is on the rise and there has been little or no real wage growth to speak of. 158 more words

3Y0Z and 17M - I'll be Competitive There!

I didn’t see much on 15M just now – but 17M is humming, and LU’s are strong and give some indication of the band just before our sunset. 146 more words


3Y0Z and the "Solar Rotation"

I had heard different numbers when it comes down to how long a solar rotation takes. This is because it depends on your latitude. I’m in the Northern Hemisphere and so the rotation for me is 26 or 27 days. 233 more words


Two Elements and 3Y0Z


One thing I never have been able to do is compare a 40M half wave dipole against my phased vertical array – until yesterday and today. 486 more words


My Post 3Y0Z Antenna Farm: Two Dipoles?

New antenna layout – post 3Y0Z

Right now I have an Inverted L for 160 and 80, and phased vertical array for 40 and a 2 element home brewed yagi for 20M. 372 more words


3Y0Z to the West Coast on 17 and 15M

There is no doubt that you better have your antenna game on on all bands from 160 – 20M if you are on the West Coast and if you need Bouvet – 3Y0Z. 329 more words