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Weekend 20m Half Square Experiments or "...Nothing is Ever Easy"

It started off well, I had previously measured the wire 35.4 feet for the horizontal section and 17 feet for the initial cut of the two vertical sections (full wave total wire length for 20m). 276 more words

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A Quick Radial Experiment

I added about 12 feet to two of the 40m quarter wave radials, trimmed the ends so there is bare copper and dropped then into the resaca in the backyard. 72 more words

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The Half Square Antenna

I am planning to assemble a 20m Half Square antenna this weekend. The vertical sides will be 17 ft long and separated by 35.4 ft of wire at the top. 59 more words

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40m FT-8 to Asia Working Again

I have been having good luck working DX into Asia on 40m FT-8 the past few mornings. The opening have lasted here well after sunrise until about 8:30am local time. 37 more words

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Portable 2M 144 Coaxial Dipole Antenna

Homebrew 2m 144 MHz vertical 1/2 wave Coaxial Dipole antenna for QTH, SOTA & portable field operations/WICEN exercises. Materials: 7m length of 50 ohm RG58AU/CU Mil Spec coax 1 * 50 ohm BNC connector 2 * 1 metre lengths of 27 mm water pipe (Bunnings) 1 * End Cap 2 * T-piece connectors 1 * […]

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30/40M Horizontally vs. Polarized Antennas and the 2018 DX Landscape

With the demise of 3Y0Z and having just made DXCC on 160M – which also means 9BDXCC, as far as looking forward to the next ”new one”, it will be whatever comes my way on Top Band. 347 more words


HAMsmithing - DIY Walking Stick/Antenna Mast

A week ago I has a try of my Walking Stick/Antenna Mast made of PVC pipe. My plans changed down the road and the test was limited to the antenna fitment/adapter section of it. 322 more words

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