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That one time I hung out in a butterfly garden…


Close Up


Don't hug me, I`m scared...

Has anyone ever told you,
how much a hug hurts?
To feel that warmth,
and know, that you don’t have it,
that you can never have it, 126 more words

The Recrudescing

Tears that follow one after the other never fade, they never evanesce, they never fade out of existence. My addiction, that hollow feeling in my heart, won’t fade out of existence. 424 more words

Six Picks: Midsummer feast on the Danish island, Bornholm

Six themed shots from the archives at www.timbirdphotography.com

Sol over Gudhjem – Sun over Gudhjem – is a midsummer food festival (and the name of a local sandwich) on the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm, and my article with photos about last year’s festival and Bornholm’s other attractions is published in the just-published summer issue of… 139 more words

Happy 90th birthday, Finnair!

Finnair, the trusty airline of my home country, is celebrating a big birthday this year. Only 10 years to go until the BIG 100! Woohoo! 461 more words