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Var kommer det latinska namnet Esox Lucius ifrån? TPF vet svaret! 11/11-15

Lite skoj vetande. Var det latinska namnet för gädda kommer ifrån.
Namnet EsoxLucius var det Carl von Linné som myntade.
Esox kommer för vad filosofen Plinius* kallade en stor fisk i floden Rhen och Lucius är vad gädda kallades på senlatin. 51 more words

What's The Temperature?

When I visit dad each week, he usually grumbles about how cold his room feels to him. He often wears long-sleeved shirts, even in the middle of August.  897 more words

Cultural Highlights

Why we use Latin names

While filling a display case with native birds of the Whanganui area, we were writing labels, which is not as easy as you’d think. Which of several English names should you use (Waxeye, Silvereye, or White-eye)? 793 more words

Wanganui Chronicle Features

Linnéträdgården - The Linnaeus Garden Uppsala

This is the house where Linneaus used to live. Today it houses the Linnaean Museum. Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) took over the responsibility for the garden in 1741 and rearranged it according to his ideas. 22 more words

After 400 years, where have we got to?

Looking back over the 19 generations and 400 years of our journey so far, one episode stands out as a watershed.  On either side of this divide there was a different view of what it meant to be a human. 680 more words


Statue in nature paraphrase

Also papaphrase from the book Ur regnskogens skugga. Exciting book about one of Carl von Linné’s students, Daniel Rolander, on his exciting exhibition to Surinam in 1754.



I ended my post on Ana Torfs in an elevated state of mind. Happy to have found an artist who can play with science in such a beautiful way. 191 more words