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"Goodbye, Chunky Rice" by Craig Thompson (2004)


My occasional foray into graphic novels doesn’t disappoint, and I should really read some more. The stories they tell are no less important than those we get other ways, and it’s an unfortunate soul who dismisses them as such. 358 more words

Graphic Novel

Quote of the Week

How satisfying it is to leave a mark on a blank surface. To make a map of my movement – no matter how temporary.

~Craig Thompson

Just About Anything

Ginseng Roots (2019) #8

It’s another “wow” issue, though a more gradual one. This issue pairs with the previous one, still telling the story of Chua, creator Craig Thompson’s ginseng pulling peer growing up. 304 more words


Ginseng Roots (2019) #7

There are some things only comics can do. There are some things only comics memoirs can do. This issue of Ginseng Roots mixes the two into something even more singular and rare; it’s a truly exceptional reading experience, far and away the best issue of the series so far; it’s going to be very hard to beat given the content, which is sort of the point of the content; Craig Thompson is a very impressive cartoonist. 379 more words


Ginseng Roots (2019) #6

It’s such a dark issue. How is it such a dark issue. I mean, it’s clear why it’s a dark issue—creator Craig Thompson juxtaposes the seed process of ginseng with he and his siblings going into high school, getting baptized, and suffering serious abuse, so there’s simultaneous this literal expansive life thing for the seed (and the kids) along with accompanying traumas. 354 more words


Thoughts on "Blankets"

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this close to anyone. Religious upbringing, feeling inadequate as an older sibling, fear of sin, experiencing both guilt and joy over the feelings awakened by that first relationship. 307 more words


Ginseng Roots (2019) #5

Maybe half the issue is the fascinating world history of the ginseng trade—it was actually an American export to China hundreds of years ago too—while the other half is a more colloquial info dump on how pesticides affect ginseng crops. 279 more words