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First Period Meltdown Costs Caps

Three Silverback goals in 2:20 was enough to dig the Caps an early grave Friday night, a hole they couldn’t quite dig out of.  The first period span was a bizarre one and you certainly can’t fault Matt Zentner at all.   449 more words

Caps Riding Momentum Into Interior

Coming off a three-point weekend at home, the Caps look for their first three game point streak of the season tonight as they begin a tough three-game Interior road trip in Salmon Arm. 597 more words

Animal Behavior

I love animal behavior. Although I didn’t have the chance to attend a lecture on animal behavior, I try to learn as much as I can on my own terms. 496 more words


Hierarchy and fairness in primates: the source of indignation and the elusive Baldwin effect

Evolutionary Psychology (EP) is controversial, there is no doubt, and a lot of criticism is fairly solid; it is also an intriguing and prolific source of click-baits, spurring equal amounts of excitement and criticism both in the professional and popular spheres. 1 989 more words


Chimps & Bonobos

Genus Pan: A Bit Country and A Bit Rock and Roll

When observing chimpanzees or bonobos we can’t help but see the face of a kindred soul. 1 435 more words

Intervention humanitaire : qui a le droit ?

«Il n’existe rien de tel que l’intervention humanitaire» disait Alex de Waal; «l’intervention est un acte de guerre, et est en cela la conduite de politiques par d’autres moyens». 2 643 more words