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Schecter Demon 6 FR

First time I own a guitar from this brand, bought it a few years ago in a music store, I had very little budget and was looking for used instruments, the guy said ”I have this guitar that has a few dings and it needs some TLC” when I tried it… I was impressed, £140 for an awesome playing guitar! 300 more words


Good Vibrations

While back I picked up a nice bargain on the net: a Fenix powerstrat out of the ’80s. Built by Young Chang, who was producing guitars out of Korea for Fender at that time. 249 more words


Solving a Two Zero Point Tremolo Problem

I have a problem guitar.  It pains me to say this, because it is also one of my favourites and I have had it for nearly twenty years, but it has a definite issue with tuning stability.  7 074 more words

Design Matters

Floyd Rose release the most macho trem block OF ALL TIME!

For when steel is just not butch enough for you. Granite! Grrrrr! Now I’m looking at a new trem block as much as the next gearhead, but these look very nice if a bit silly. 320 more words


3D Printed LED Guitar Chord Chart

Learning to play guitar can involve a lot of memorization – chords, scales, arpeggios, you name it. has made the process a bit easier with his  218 more words


VH2 “Bumblebee” guitar, Floyd Rose and Charvel

Little is actually known about this particular guitar. When Eddie Van Halen was in the process of recording the second Van Halen album, Van Halen II… 817 more words


Black Cherry USA Introduces the Hollow Point Intonation System

The Patented Hollow Point® Intonation System, is a replacement guitar part specifically designed to help players, technicians, or anyone performing guitar repair, to set the intonation on a double locking guitar tremolo accurately and efficiently. 100 more words