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EVH/Fender Striped Series

Shortly after Eddie Van Halen signed up with Fender, Fender took over Charvel’s striped series and made it into their own through the EVH Gear company. 795 more words



Un superventas entre los más cañeros. JACKSON JS-32 KING V
Guitarra electrica preparada para riffs duros. Cuerpo de madera de basswood – un mástil de lo más rápido posible super ”speed” de madera de arce con refuerzo de grafito – dimens. 75 more words

Guitarra Eléctrica

Install a Tremolo Stop on Edge-Zero II Bridge - Floyd Rose Style

For the price of a nickel, you can add a tremolo stop to an Ibanez Floyd Rose tremolo.

All I did was level the tremolo to the body, as shown in picture 1.  233 more words


Schecter Demon 6 FR

First time I own a guitar from this brand, bought it a few years ago in a music store, I had very little budget and was looking for used instruments, the guy said ”I have this guitar that has a few dings and it needs some TLC” when I tried it… I was impressed, £140 for an awesome playing guitar! 300 more words


Good Vibrations

While back I picked up a nice bargain on the net: a Fenix powerstrat out of the ’80s. Built by Young Chang, who was producing guitars out of Korea for Fender at that time. 249 more words