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MIJ Ibanez S470TR - SOLD

Ibanez knows shred guitars. Japanese luthiers build arguably some of the best guitars in the world. What happens when you put those two things together? Well, one of the best shred guitars in the world. 177 more words



Hey!! Here’s a recent guitar that I built out of lots of other bits of guitars. She plays like a dream and I love her a lot. 58 more words


How to install / retro fit a floyd rose in a guitar

By Wills Easy Guitar

In this video I show how to install a after market Floyd rose in an Ibanez RG guitar. retro fitting a Floyd isn’t always an easy task. 12 more words


Setting up a floyd rose guitar bridge made easy

In this video I go over how to do a setup for a Floyd rose guitar bridge. I also show how to fix high frets with basic tools around the house.