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Hey!! Here’s a recent guitar that I built out of lots of other bits of guitars. She plays like a dream and I love her a lot. 58 more words


How to install / retro fit a floyd rose in a guitar

By Wills Easy Guitar

In this video I show how to install a after market Floyd rose in an Ibanez RG guitar. retro fitting a Floyd isn’t always an easy task. 12 more words


Setting up a floyd rose guitar bridge made easy

In this video I go over how to do a setup for a Floyd rose guitar bridge. I also show how to fix high frets with basic tools around the house.


Dean Razorback db Classic Black

Dean’s low-end model has grabbed a good attention of the market and finally, I have got a Razorback DB Classic Black brand new. Let’s have a closer look first, The guitar is made in Indonesia and has got 22 frets, basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, Dime razor inlay at twelfth fret, DBD traction knobs, Grover tuners, DMT design humbuckers, 3-way toggle switch, two volume and one tone control knobs. 628 more words


The Floyd Rose Journey..

Floyd Rose, huh! A serious pain in the ass to work with. If you have a guitar equipped with Floyd Rose style tremolo system then you might know the feeling when it comes to adjustments and moreover when there’s no such guitar tech available to sort your problem out or if available they act like fags who don’t know WTF is floating bridge?. 1 468 more words