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I put my fingers on your neck

What music will we make today?

Strummed slow, or a quick jangle, what is the inspiration of the moment? 47 more words


Put Down the Weston, and No One Gets Hurt

Sometimes, before a photo shoot, I’ll grab something like B&W Magazine and just look at the photographs: randomly turn the pages and let my gaze float. 833 more words


Wednesday, April 1st

Ever notice how musical white folks are?

The Handsome Family, ”Darling, My Darling” (R. Sparks), live, Australia (Sydney), 2010



art beat: more from Friday at the Art Institute of Chicago… 8 more words

Music Clip Of The Day

Working Horizontal and Getting Out of the Box

Please click here for PDF

This lesson is for experienced rock and blues players who are looking for a practical way of ’getting out of the box’. 332 more words


New Music // Rebecca Clements - Pure Wasted

Last week we featured Rebecca Clements as our Fresh Hype because we’ve fallen in love with her sweet melodic music. Now she hits back with a punchier song on todays new music with… 110 more words

New Music

"Unplugged Wednesdays" Featuring 'KAPIL CHETRI' at Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

Come get unplugged this Wednesday for the first episode of ”Unplugged Wednesdays” in the month of April 2015. Got some fantastic artists performing this month, kicking off with Kapil Chetri – 128 more words


The Daily #13 - Life is different from video games because...

Life is different from video games because in life, there are times when you just have to put something down and admit that you can’t move forward very effectively without the help of someone who already knows what you’re trying to learn and can teach you. 353 more words