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Jammin @ The Rec Centre

Chap 1
             A quicky

  So it it seems relevant after the invitation,that I was aging after all.
The idea of playing guitar in a group was kind of exciting. 302 more words


Dreaming Bob Dylan

I fell asleep and dreamed a dream.
I was with my old lover, we lay in bed.
The things in our room were re-arranged.
I said, ’The bed side table should be here, 331 more words



While Patrick doesn’t name his guitars, his sisters do.

Sass:  I named my guitar Stella after my favorite Beatle.

Me:  Paul McCatrney is your favorite Beatle? 24 more words


Beginnings and How Far I've Gone

So I can’t be very sure that any of you have visited my ”About” page or even seen any other parts of my blog. For those people, welcome to my blog dedicated to following my music journey growing up in Santa Barbara, CA. 458 more words


Venturing #19: Telstar

”Telstar” was an instrumental hit for a British group called the Tornadoes and was written and produced by Joe Meek. Named after the first communications satellite launched in July if 1962, it topped the US. 6 more words