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Dead Meadow

If there is one band that incorporates every style of rock n’ roll into their music then this band is it. Dead Meadow is extremely experimental and it’s totally awesome. 199 more words


Chapter 3: Working to 12 tone Blues Guitar

I hope that you’ve spent some time exploring tensions and resolutions of each of the individual notes for each chords. The next note is tense for all three chords, but an absolutely essential blues note. 419 more words


Is This You? Building Perceptual Awareness in Listening

This past week, a few friends and I were chatting about various ways to increase students’ listening skills and I thought perhaps I would share this lesson that I have done with my students (high school).   625 more words

Music Education

Megadeth and Sims

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with Sims but I found this on the Metroplex Facebook page. Two big things; one I saw Megadeth! 136 more words


Welcome to Angus Marshall Music, the home page of guitarist Angus Marshall.

I have been playing guitar for 27 years, I coach guitar in southern Sydney, I play in a covers band called… 47 more words

Music and Recovery

It’s well known that music has certain therapeutic properties. A song can influence your mood, calm you down, or provoke excitement. The therapeutic effects of music are generally accepted, but many are not aware of the extent to which this can be utilised to combat a number of social issues. 904 more words


Tom Winter - "VGM Acoustic Collections 1 & 2" Review

Tom Winter’s acoustic guitar arrangements of classic game music is like a breath of fresh air. The two EP’s that he has released this year so far take a fair smattering of moods, styles, genres and feelings and twists them around into works of art. 435 more words