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Meet this talented and Gifted musician

Edwin Isaac Utere, known and referred to as ED iZycs, hails from Akwa Ibom state. He was born in the early 90s in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. 230 more words


-4- I Got A Little Feeling Goin' Now

I play music, not just because it brings me joy, but because it makes me feel like I’m actually living. It’s like the moment in a conversation where the person you’re speaking to crosses over from acquaintance, to friend, as they reveal a part of who they are below the exterior. 517 more words

Creative Communications

This is Nashville, so guitars

Sometimes you find public art where you least expect it. Strip malls, particularly the nicer ones, tend to have pretty slim pickings. But the Nashville West shopping center is a little different, in that embedded in the parking lot is a quiet little park, the H.G. 85 more words


Back in the USSR

”Back in the USSR” — the Beatles’ ”surf” song. Not much tweaking needed to turn it into an instrumental.


It all started with a McDonald's run.

NaSoAlMo (aka National Solo Album Month) is one of my most favorite music competitions of the year. As much as I’ve tried to get into some of the other contests like FAWM and 50/90, I always come back to NaSoAlMo. 279 more words


Kids can't hold a guitar

Kids can’t hold a guitar

A friend said to me yesterday ”how do you play guitar? I tried to play my Dad’s old guitar last night and I couldn’t get my arm around it to strum it properly, it hurt my arm”. 238 more words

Things To Do With Kids

Where to begin: Asking Questions

Now that I’ve decided that I want to pursue my interest in music with renewed vigor and passion, I have to decide where to start. 409 more words