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Getting back into guitar! Video...

So I said a little while ago that I’d post a video of me playing guitar soon…. so here it is….!

Just a little clip of me playing the solo from Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. 19 more words


What is UKULELE?

Ukulele is a musical instrument trending nowadays. Millions of people are playing ukulele as their interest and also the uniqueness it possesses.

It is very different from guitars. 200 more words

About Ukulele

#Let'sReview | Street Theory for Guitarists by Jeff Scheetz and Truefire.com

Street Theory for Guitarists by Jeff Scheetz and Truefire.com

Author:                              Jeff Scheetz

Genre:                                 Theory

Level:                                   Beginner | Late Beginner | Intermediate | Late                                                    Intermediate | Advanced… 1 115 more words


Road Trip 5: Girl Draws the Badlands, Boy Writes a Tune

After being educated in the geology of the Badlands, the traveler is tasked with something peculiar: to make what one sees match what one knows. The various sedimentary layers are color coded for when they were formed. 76 more words


My Performance of "Satisfied Mind" (VIDEO)

I’ve adored this song since I first heard Jeff Buckley’s heartbreaking version of it. There are some songs that unpack a part of your soul to make it easier to carry around without being hidden in a suitcase. 77 more words



So first things first, that solo project I’ve been working on is finally done. Find it here:

Rachel Moon: Leatherback

In case you were wondering, it’s called Leatherback with a moon turtle because I like turtles. 160 more words