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Can't take my eyes off you Flash Mob

The ”Can’t take my eyes off you” Flash Mob on YouTube inspired me to sing this song too with my guitar – and introduce the amusing Flash Mob dance – with some further YouTube links… 9 more words


Great is Thy Faithfulness

My sister is getting married today. I’m excited for her! God IS faithful.

I’ll be playing this song at the wedding while her friend sings it. 47 more words



My mom brought a stack of my old piano books. I have a keyboard but only played it a couple times in the last three years…and my last serious practice was over 10 years ago. 54 more words



I put my fingers on your neck

What music will we make today?

Strummed slow, or a quick jangle, what is the inspiration of the moment? 47 more words


The music has not died, Part 2

While I will continue making music, the chance of EVER seeing me perform any song live, has died. Nobody took me seriously when I said I had a booking agent, and was looking for band members who wanted exposure, and to make money. 130 more words

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