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RAXEIRA- Adelaide's Second Story- From Worzel

I was naff in thinking Adelaide’s story would conclude as she and partner Benny joyfully reclaimed their vintage, (to put it mildly) plaid steamer trunk from our dusty, luggage shop window display. 922 more words

Some Good Ol’ Rock N’ Roll: Alberta Cross and The Kicks

Seeing as it’s the middle of summer and most people are drowning themselves in a sea of bright, happy, and vibey Pop, Hip Hop and Soul tunes, I decided that I wanted to remind us all that there are some really great Rock bands out there that we can’t forget about. 362 more words


Guitar hero Live New Hero Powers Revealed

With San Diego Comic-Con looming, FreeStyleGames and Activision have taken the opportunity to show off the new Hero Powers featuring in the upcoming Guitar Hero Live. 268 more words


Chill| Chasing Clouds by MÖWE

Yet again, MÖWE puts out another original that is 100% fire. This tune is groovy AF. The jam starts off with a little piano. Piano remains strong throughout the song, adding in some catchy, feel good, vocals, and a little guitar after the minor drop. 32 more words


ROW 80 Round 3 Goal Setting

Alright. I wasn’t great at much last round. At least I didn’t feel like I did nearly as well as round 1.

But editing is going a little more smoothly now. 483 more words


Another Barre Chord Realization...

Well, it’s Day 6, and I just noticed something rather obvious:

If I lift the barre off of D7, I’m sitting in a C chord position. 380 more words



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