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Day 28

Practice: 02:30

Mainly worked in the prelude as it’s the most difficult piece I have and I need to be on top of it before the performance of course. 41 more words


X Factor

Sharon dreamed of being a star

Singing songs, playing guitar

Supported by her backing crew

She’d strut her stuff in The O2

People would stare in the street… 251 more words

AtoZ 2016

Skull and Guitar Crossbones

Title: Skull and Guitar Crossbones

Price: $35 (as shown here. Price will vary depending on plaque/box/size)

Size: varies (this can be on either a box or plaque) 121 more words

Graham Nash 04.23.16

Graham Nash was born in England and was one of the founding members of the 1960’s pop band, The Hollies. They produced such great songs as  314 more words


Next session tunes...

Next time we will be doing at least two new tunes –

Mr Blue Sky


Ukulele Lady (actually I prefer this version featuring Peter Sellers… 6 more words

I was Thrown Out of the Wooden Shell of My Guitar

I looked down a lot. Some people thought I was rude. Or socially awkward. I was none of the above, just shy, and a little bit terrified at the thought of ordering my own food at the restaurant even at 10 years old. 873 more words

Being Shy

Fundamentals of Music

Now we begin a new series of posts, this one being called ”Fundamentals of Music.”  Why this title?  Because we have seen the need for a deeper, more expansive explanation of the way music is created, a way that needs to be driven from a more authentic space, a more real substance. 596 more words

Third Millennium Polyphony