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Bluesin' Out the Goo Goo Dolls

This is my submission for Dungeon Prompts: Hard Work.  Trying to keep up my relearning of the guitar after 25 years away, is a struggle.  It’s much easier when you’re a kid and you don’t already have an idea of what is good. 53 more words


"Hot Rats" : Frank Zappa's Early Jazz Rock Masterpiece

Hot Rats by Frank Zappa. I can honestly say that this was one of the records that had a major impact on my life. I think I was around 12 years old when I was first heard it, an advantage of having an older brother with fairly hip taste for the time. 367 more words

Music Appreciation And Analysis

Van Halen Shoes

Ok, I admit that this is not directly guitar related, but it is tangentially related. After I purchased our Van Halen tickets earlier this month, my wife bought me the greatest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned for my birthday. 76 more words


Upgrades? Nah.

I wrote part of this post in an email to a friend today, that is Tuesday, as I write it here now.  I went for a walk into town at around 11 o’clock in order to buy a couple of… 391 more words

Dining Out

Style | Music Monday | Jenessa Joy's Journal

So, I did a thing. I had fun. Some of the grittness, and the different key from the original were definetly intentional.

Also, the word changes were intentional as well. 11 more words


Marc Maron and The Ziplock Purse

I really like the Marc Maron WTF podcast, and last Christmas The Lady gave me Maron’s book, Attempting Normal. Per usual I read the first chapter as soon as I got it, liked it, then for no reason I let it sit there collecting dust for the next few months. 681 more words

Daily Ditty 04272015 - Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

Here’s the idea: I play every morning before leaving for the office. This morning I created a new ’tune’ and thought it might be interesting to make videos of me doing this daily. 15 more words