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Dumpster Dive Speaker Results In Tube Amplifier

found the leftovers of a wrecked vintage tube radio in a pile of electronics junk. Unfortunately, he could not recover any vacuum tubes in it. And to his dismay, it didn’t even have the output transformer, which he figured would have been useful in a guitar amplifier project. 61 more words

Musical Hacks

Lydia Cole - "The Lay of the Land" Review

Somewhat of an underground discovery two years ago, Lydia Cole popped onto my radar with her simple but warm arrangements of folksy rock music. Back with her second album, much Cole continues to dance a beautiful line between beauty and fragility which disarms you as a listener and gets you exciting and mournful to boot. 393 more words


Mic Tests

I’m currently running tests on  a bunch of my equipment, including the mic selection and placement tests you see here. I plan on going through amplifiers and cabinets next to do some tone demos in the future. 24 more words


Pretty Pimpin' - Kurt Vile

Some songs sound like what a daze feels like. They lull you into a quiet complacency that feels safe, sad, and inspiring.

That’s what ”Pretty Pimpin'” by Kurt Vile gives me. 267 more words


Why are bass players considered less valuable?

When we’re talking about a band, we usually think of a couple of musicians who work together to create music. There’s the drummer, the guitar player, and the singer of course. 605 more words