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Two Of Us; Elvis & Nixon

After watching for the second time  in five years Two Of Us, the film regarding the last meeting in 1976 between John and Paul, I was yet treated to another rock and roll-related one with… 211 more words

John Lennon

3-Day Quote Challenge- Day 1

Thank you so much Ism for nominating me for this challenge! She has an amazing blog that you need to check out!

Rules to be followed: 125 more words


The Beatles - With the Beatles

Typically bands have trouble following up their debut album. The reason for this is simple, they spent years working on the songs for their first album, perfecting them. 550 more words


Short Haired Yellow Bellied Sons of Tricky Dicky

Sadly, everything old is new again…

No short haired yellow bellied son of tricky dicky’s
Gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocket full of hope… 19 more words

Art By Rob Goldstein

An Ultimate Tribute Band

The other night one of the local town parks who hold weekly concerts during the summer had one of the better Beatles tribute bands.

Not just a cover band but an actual tribute band. 275 more words

Hach Adventures

It makes the world go round

The best feeling in the world is to love and be loved… Love makes the world go round (cheesy but it is the truest statement), it is what everyone needs. 528 more words

1008. Picasso's last words (drink to me)

Paul McCartney (and Wings) still seemed to matter in 1974.  No, he wasn’t cranking out Hey Judes anymore, but the stuff was still sounding better than most of the other pop dreck on the radio.  86 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse