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By Charles Robert Lindholm


”When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the

key to life. 71 more words

Why Rubber Soul is the Beatles most underrated album

The Beatles these days are less viewed as a band and more a piece of history. It’s hard to see John, Paul, George and Ringo as real people when their influence over not just art and culture, but the world as it is today is so huge. 1 624 more words


Haddon Hall - When David Invented Bowie

In the aftermath of David Bowie’s passing, there has been a marked increase in the number of books about his life and work.

Dylan Jones ”David Bowie – A Life” was an unexpectedly enjoyable read. 822 more words


8 Songs A Week: Vote for the best Beatles songs from 1967 (POLL CLOSES 6/1/18)

Here on The Beatles Channel, we ain’t got nothing but love for our listeners, eight days a week. That’s why we’ve created a new show where your votes determine the playlist. 127 more words


Yoko Ono looks frail as she visits Liverpool for John Lennon exhibition: 'I always feel his warmth next to me'

Yoko Ono has been spotted in Liverpool making a pilgrimage to two of her late husband, John Lennon’s, childhood homes.

The 85-year-old looked frail as she was helped from the car and up the path to Lennon’s homes on both Newcastle Road and Menlove Avenue. 434 more words


Anonymous Women: Draped

Forty – from the series Anonymous Women: Draped 
- Patty Carroll

Anonymous Women: Draped

"My series of photographs, Anonymous Women: Draped is about becoming the dwelling itself: experiencing the dichotomy of domesticity. 180 more words

Nowhere Boy Thoughts

I mostly agree with Anne Lamott on her Mother’s Day thoughts. To clarify, I agree that it’s a tough day for many people—motherless children; childless adults; parents of wayward, lost, deceased, or disappointing children; children of abusive, mean-spirited, dismissive, or absentee mothers. 561 more words