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SkepSun #159 (10_11_2015)

This week on Freethought Radio, Lisa “Miller” Treu, FFRF’s Director of First Impressions, sits in for Dan and Annie Laurie who are busy with the 38th Annual Freedom From Religion Foundation’s National Convention in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend. 251 more words

Starting Over

By Judy Berman

In less than eight months, my life will again take another dramatic shift. It’ll be just like starting over.

That great unknown fills me with both excitement and nervousness. 428 more words


John Lennon, Bilko, 1980, Clem Burke, Woody Allen, Comedy & New York

There are days when circumstance, fate, coincidence seem to all converge with weird crossovers and connections. It’s national hug a drummer day. Yesterday would’ve been John Lennon’s 75th birthday and all my thoughts seem to be on New York. 696 more words

Strawberry Fields

In Memory of John Lennon

This is Strawberry fields in Central Park, New York, and right across the street is where the Great John Lennon was murdered right in front of his residence-The Dakota building- on December 8th 1980. 34 more words