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IMAGINE: John Lennon, er, uh, Donald Trump

IMAGINE: John Lennon, er, uh, Donald Trump

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Psychopaths, Pirates, Vampires, and more: 38 more words

8 Songs A Week: Vote for your favorite Beatles film songs (Poll Ends 10/27/2017)

Here on The Beatles Channel, we ain’t got nothing but love for our listeners, eight days a week, so we’ve created a new show where your votes determine the playlist.  104 more words


Close Encounters Of The Rock Star Kind

Most of the folks who speak out about having alien encounters are just everyday people and not major celebrities.

But according to ListServe.com, there are at least 10 music stars who’ve claimed to have seen UFOs and aliens. 277 more words


Rockers Who Predicted Their Deaths In Lyrics

There are some pretty eerie lyrics written and performed by rockers who passed away shortly after the respective songs were released. In hits written by artists such as John Lennon & Ronnie Van Zant, you’ll find more than just irony within the words. 141 more words


Using (and losing) your Illusions

Guns N Roses… Heck yeah! Say what you will, most either hate them or love them. I am the latter. They have gained a lot more press lately having started a tour for the first time in 23 years. 2 157 more words

Beatles Mysteries

Lennon pt. III: 1973-1975

Join Brian Jacobs and Craig Smith for the third of four installments covering John Lennon’s solo output. Covered in this episode: MIND GAMES; WALLS AND BRIDGES; ROCK AND ROLL; Move Over Ms. 18 more words

Craig's Sidecasts

626. blister on the moon

Taste, straight outa Cork, are one of those bands that genuinely should’ve conquered the world way back when. They had the songs, the presence, the power, even the likes of John Lennon and Eric Clapton singing their praises. 59 more words

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