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The Bad Kind of Weird

I feel like I’m going to get a lot of flak for this, but I just have to write about it.

After watching Justin Timberlake’s video on (in so many words) using your individuality/weirdness to make a good change, I saw all kinds of people share it on my news feed. 629 more words


Music Monday! Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday!

Are you ready for summer? It finally feels like summer here in Toronto and I am excited to get some Vitamin D. 128 more words


My Jam Monday

Monday again! Oof! Its almost over everyone, don’t worry!

To help you get over your Monday blues, some music! Tonight I have 2 songs. Both artists are not new or undiscovered, actually quite the opposite, but I feel that they  both should be recognized for another reason. 220 more words


UWM video of grads dancing to "Can't Stop the Feeling" nets response from Justin Timberlake

MILWAUKEE — Thousands can now call themselves college graduates after the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee hosted its spring commencement ceremonies Sunday, May 22nd. Also on Sunday, UWM shared video of some of its graduates dancing to Justin Timberlake’s ”Can’t Stop the Feeling,” and the video netted a response on social media from Justin Timberlake himself! 30 more words


Justin Timberlake Caught Cheating

Uh oh… JT is supposed to be the Holy Grail of goodness, the guy that never gets in trouble. But we have to remember that nobody is perfect. 89 more words