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* birds are good-natured folk.
they eat bugs and sing.
heck, they deserve a Nobel prize.


This Nobel Prize-winning Economist Says Greeks Should Vote ‘No’

Who should the Greek people listen to when they vote in a referendum on their country’s international bailout: international leaders, or New York Times columnist Paul Krugman? 220 more words

The benefits of suffering

1. You simplify your life

Suffering takes a huge mental, emotional and physical toll on a person. It becomes so unbearable that sooner or later, we pick our struggles. 349 more words


Lecture from Craig Mello

I am honored to have a lecture of Craig Mello, the 2007’ Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, Prof Ding was the host today, he was so happy today. 473 more words


Local Agency Costs of Political Centralization – A lecture by Roger Myerson

by Genevieve Jeffrey ’15, current student in the Economics of Public Policy program.

Nobel Laureate Roger Myerson presented his latest paper, ‘Local Agency Costs of Political Centralization’ to the Barcelona GSE community on the 3rd of June. 1 283 more words

Political Economy

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai | Book Review

I am a kind of addicted to the real-life stories of people. And after Helen Keller, within no time I have read the autobiography of the inspiring Malala Yousafzai. 362 more words


La frase machista de Tim Hunt

Hace unas semanas el bioquímico Tim Hunt, premio Nobel de Medicina de 2001, tuvo la ocurrencia de decir durante una charla en Corea del Sur que hay tres cosas que ocurren cuando hay mujeres en un laboratorio: se enamoran de ti, te enamoras de ellas y cuando las criticas, lloran. 354 more words