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Nobel Peace Prize panel sacks chairman over award to Obama, others

From the News, Mar 3 2015

Norway’s Nobel Peace Prize committee on Tuesday demoted its controversial chairman Thorbjoern Jagland in a move unprecedented in the long history of the award.The organisation, which said the former Norwegian prime minister would remain as a committee member, gave no reason for its decision. 323 more words



I sinned, I faltered, I have dishonored God and I have done a great evil to my fellow man . I make excuses to cover my actions, I do my best to rationalize my inactions but with the ticking of the Clock all I have come to realize is this ”I have not been faithful as a man and as a son of God”. 483 more words

The Theory of Interstellar Trade

This blog post is not about the movie Interstellar, which I haven’t watched yet, but about a rather wonkish paper (as its author would put it) that I stumbled upon very recently. 537 more words


Nobel Laureat Prof CN Yang: 2 Types of Students and Advisors 依心而行, 走自己的路








Alice Munro

Alice Munro interview for her Nobel Prize in 2013.

Malala Yousafzai Nobel Peace Prize Speech

”My great hope is that this will be the last time we must fight for the education of our children. Let us solve this once and for all.” 13 more words


Daniel Kahneman Talks about Luck, the Super Bowl and Investing

I was in New York City last week and attended an IMCA hosted event featuring 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics winner Daniel Kahneman. A psychologist by trade, his expertise has been in the judgment and decision-making areas of behavioral finance. 434 more words