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Τα σκέφτηκαν όλα εκτός της ουσίας στην Κύπρο: Η υπόσχεση ενός μοιρασμένου… Νόμπελ Ειρήνης!!!


Του Κώστα Βενιζέλου 

Τα έχουν σκεφτεί σχεδόν όλα. Έχουν σκεφτεί σχεδόν τα πάντα, για να λύσουν το Κυπριακό. Αφήνοντας, βεβαίως, εκτός της μεγάλης εικόνας την Τουρκία, την κατοχική δύναμη. 


He went and said goodbye to the trees in the yard, one by one, embracing them and crying

It was only many years after, when my grandfather had departed from this world and I was a grown man, I finally came to realise that my grandmother, after all, also believed in dreams. 219 more words


Nobel Prize Winner in Physics to Present Public Lecture at Rutgers

A Nobel Prize-winning scientist who helped pioneer the energy-saving LED light bulb is presenting a public lecture August 29 in an event organized by Rutgers University. 71 more words

Rutgers Research

Launching New Series: Proud to Be Arab

In a time where humanity has witnessed menacing waves of Islamophobia and Xenophobia, it is important to celebrate the achievements and work of Arab intellectuals, thinkers and artists who have thrived and excelled in their field. 214 more words

Middle East

Historias de viaje por el Caribe Colombiano

Es un relato por estas tierras tan diversas pero que las une el mar, a su vez su folclor, y decidí darlo a conocer desde mi perspectiva: desde una novela gráfica mezclada con un poco del realismo mágico. 234 more words

Oslo City Hall

The Oslo City Hall was build between 1931 and 1950 in a mixed modernist-historic style. On December 10th every year the Nobel Peace is awarded in the main hall of the building (pictures 2, 4). 98 more words