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PhD Update: September 2016

I have been in Svalbard (again) for most of September, collecting images from our 14 time-lapse cameras that we have based in Kongsfjorden and Tempelfjorden. We haven’t seen these cameras since May 2016 (Kongsfjorden cameras) and August 2015 (Tempelfjorden cameras) so it was quite nerve-racking to go back and see if everything had worked. 1 620 more words
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Supermax after nature

I spent at least an hour studying all 10 of them.

The music I’ve been listening to, posted here


Video Assignment

Fianl Cut Pro Timeline

Storyboard for video

Time-lapse Artwork Video

For my CAP 105 class, we had to do a video assignment using the Mac software of Final Cut Pro. 333 more words


Painting GIFs

For a while, I have imagined a modern, magical gallery where the paintings move, in what I guess would have to be electronic frames, as GIFs. 258 more words