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R.E.X 1.0 | Broga Hill

Night, Wednesday, 18hb March 2015

Broga Hill, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia.

All footage by Ammar Abu Kassim, Afiq Nashiron and Rafi’ul Ala.


Timelapse Illustration

A sped-up view of one of me drawing one of my illustrations for the book ”Cheeper.” You can find more details about the book here: … 95 more words


Time Lapse of the Half Moon in Auckland

Last night half the moon was trying to get through the clouds and fog while. This was my first attempt at doing a time lapse fully zoomed in on the moon and it turned out pretty good. 50 more words


Icelandic Land-Lapse Project: Day 8 of 8

This is the last full day of my Kickstarter campaign for the Icelandic Land-Lapse Project, my second feature film. This fund drive ends at 12:00 PDT on Sunday 28 March 2015. 167 more words


City Life Video

This is my recent GCSE Art Video studying time through the medium of video. I experimented with several different film techniques and time-lapse techniques. The video was made under controlled timed conditions and is part of a larger examination.