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Sealcomics vlog 69: Ninja Seals prepare for a night of subversive activity!

The box of whoopee cushions has finally arrived! Now, the Ninja Seals can finally plan their night of subversion!

Drawn and filmed by Joe Yang… 23 more words


The Basics of Time Lapse Photography

Writer: Dylan Mackenzie

Have you ever wondered how people compress great lengths of time into a matter of seconds? How the apparent motion of the the Sun, Moon, and stars across the night sky are captured? 1 733 more words


Fun with Time Lapse

I’ve been playing some tricks with time by capturing scenes with time-lapse photography. Here are some results to share after a few months of trial and error. 80 more words


Time-lapse Video of How Universe and Earth Formed

Check out this awesome video I found! Very fascinating! Crazy to think humans have not been around very long.

In the grand cosmic scale, humanity and our tiny home in the universe are absolutely inconsequential. 187 more words

This Spiti Valley Time Lapse Video Shows Why India is Truly Incredible

Spiti Valley is the paradise for all mountain lover from India. It is one of the most searched places after Ladakh.

My wife and I visited this heavenly place in September 2017. 134 more words