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Showreel 2018

Here is my latest showreel of work, showcasing some of the best cinematography, directing and editing combined from a selection of short films created over the last two years and a few projects taking place before. 68 more words


Video: Time lapse of stained-glass windows at Washington National Cathedral

I have decided to focus my project to visit 52 houses of worship in 52 weeks on New York City — but that doesn’t mean we can’t look elsewhere. 508 more words


Springtime Storm: Boston

On May 15th we had a monster of a thunderstorm roll through the city. Here is a segmented time-lapse from the time of sun until the time of deluge. Enjoy!


Webcam Flashback

Going through my photo archives, every now and then I come across things that I forgot that I had. Despite having a webcam for years and years, which would record time-lapse videos based on motion detection, for some reason I rarely saved any of them permanently. 93 more words

Time Lapse Drawing: Self Portrait with Bibi

I submitted this drawing as entry into a contest to win a gorgeous, highly sought-after ring sling baby carrier. Women frequently offer up serious cash, their non-dominant arm, or, ironically, their babies to score such a coveted work of art. 72 more words

Why did I time-lapse me painting my wall?

You know… that’s a great question.

I think this is what people call a passion project. What am I passionate about? Proving me and my little stubborn, self doubting self, wrong. 426 more words