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Sunset Moonrise

I shot this on my old 30d the night before the 4th of July.


The Year-Round Time Lapse Camera

One of the projects I’ve worked on for the past few years is The New American Home, produced by the National Association of Home Builders; where each year they use the latest technology and building techniques to build the most efficient and high-tech home they can. 790 more words

Italian Trees

Tall trees, swaying ones, in the wind that blankets these hills upon which I ride, pass me with intense clout. I barely see their outlines dimly in the predawn light with my weary and crusty eyes. 169 more words


Entry #25: Time Lapse (2014)

Time Lapse is not your standard Time Travel fare. Instead it creates a creepy, suspenseful vibe letting the viewer wonder if the characters have any free will, or if they are forever destined to be slaves to a neighbors’ invention. 416 more words


Timelapse Mania......

Hooked after my first timelapse !

Did another one today. It’s titled  ” Ice Melt ”.