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Time Lapse

3 hari yang lalu

Pagi itu, sinar matahari diam-diam menyelinap melewati tirai dinding depan yang tersusun dari beberapa bilah bambu membentuk bayang-bayang bergaris. Sinarnya menembus menghampiri deretan buku-buku bersampul warna-warni yang berbaris tumpang tindih di rak kayu tua. 902 more words

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Outstanding in His Field

I’m on a career experience. R and I are on a farm. He shoots time lapse video of andromeda setting over a shitty field. I discover the locals have a word for shitty fields, they call them ’Bisbys’. 119 more words


WATCH: Time lapse of space station orbiting Earth showcases our dazzling planet

Imagine waking up to this view every day.

Providing further proof that living in space is amazing, British astronaut Tim Peake shared a time lapse of Earth as seen from his office: the International Space Station. 97 more words


Time Lapse - An Interview With Director Bradley King

Writer/Director Bradley King is the man behind one of the most interesting Sci Fi movies of 2014, TIME LAPSE. Bradley self-funded, wrote and directed Time Lapse, which was his first foray into the world of feature film. 2 099 more words