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How Do North Koreans View the United States? This Documentary Won't Tell You

How do North Koreans envision the United States? Were the incredible, mind-blowing documentary film Propaganda to be believed, the answer would be ”much more accurately… 416 more words


Poor Dude Falls During Prom Grand Entrance

This hilarious clip posted to Twitter shows a teenager named Austin Cooper slipping and falling down a set of stairs while trying to make a big entrance with his girlfriend ahead of their senior prom last weekend. 14 more words


Casanova – Stick & Move (Video) x Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (Video)

Off the Be Safe Tho mixtape, out now. Also look out for Casa’s Funk Flex freestyle below as well as his upcoming debut on that Summer Jam stage.


VIDEO: Scarlett Johansson Finds Her Doppelgänger, 'Grandma Geraldine'

Some guy on Reddit posted a picture of his GRANDMA GERALDINE from 1967 . . . because she looked exactly like SCARLETT JOHANSSON.

In the picture, she’s with her husband, who unfortunately died last year after 54 years of marriage.  174 more words


Dinosaur Jr. - 2005-07-08 - Repulsion

An audience recording of Dinosaur Jr. performing "Repulsion," live at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia on July 8th, 2005. -Video Upload …

via Google Alert – Dinosaur Jr… 32 more words

Dinosaur Jr

Fanvid of the Week: "The Dance of Dragons - Daenerys Stormborn"

Vidder: xWPrisonLoveMx

I’ve begun rewatching Game of Thrones from season 1, and one thing I’ve appreciated is how strong, independent, and fierce the show painted Danaerys as from the beginning. 41 more words