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Shocking: Martial Law Preparations Confirmed

Verified government documents outline plans for civil unrest

by Infowars.com | May 5, 2015


Alex Jones breaks down the countless documented examples of martial law preparation by the federal government as media outlets attempt to twist and deny confirmed reports on the subject.


Witnesses To San Jose Arrest Caught On Video File Complaints, Police Defend Use Of Force

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – After video of a violent arrest in San Jose last weekend went viral, police in San Jose admitted the video is tough to watch, but defended the use of force on the suspect. 375 more words


Alphabet Songs - Over 1 HOUR with 27 ABC SONG VIDEOS!!

Another video that my son Alex loves. This video is a collection of the ABC Song, plus phonics “raps” of all 26 letters. There is a lot of repetition for each letter and it’s sound, but it also includes some sight words, using the letters. 11 more words


Learn Letters With Max The Glow Train!!

This is one of my son Alex’ favorite videos on YouTube!! The computer graphics are great…I can imagine they spent a lot of time producing this. 27 more words