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Michael Smerconish locked out of his Facebook page, in a "purgatory"

CNN Saturday morning anchor Michael Smerconish revealed a quandry: he is locked out of his own Facebook page. Instead of going live on Facebook like he typically does before his CNN show, he had to settle for a taped video instead. 74 more words


Video: Watercolored Pink Holiday Love Poinsettia

Hello and welcome back everyone! I created a quick watercolored card using our Holiday Love Poinsettia.

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[VID] 171010 Yeon Jung Hoon With 'Bravo My Life' Casts In SBS Midnight TV Entertainment

I tried to upload on DM & YT but it got blocked straight away. If this video would be blocked too in the future, please click the external link below to watch the video. 27 more words

Yeon Jung Hoon

Highly sensitive people at work - interview

I did an interview with my friend Anastasia who is a coach specialising in helping Highly Sensitive People (HSP) succeed at work. I hope some of the tips I am sharing may help provide a new perspective to introverted and/or highly sensitive people and so help them succeed. 33 more words


"People of the Philippines, I Have Returned"

It had been more than two years since General Douglas MacArthur was ordered to leave the Philippines as the Japanese captured the islands. At the time, he promised to return, and he fulfilled his word on October 20, 1944 when he waded to the shore of Leyte. 54 more words