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Video: Kalyeserye Tuesday Episode! #ALDUBHomeAtLast

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Video: Kalyeserye Tuesday Episode! #ALDUBHomeAtLast
Narito ang episode kanina ng Kalyeserye.. 6 more words

J-Rio Album "EMPREINTE" in Stores Now

We are witnessing the growth and maturity of J-Rio as an artist right before of our eyes. What started as a remix of ”Oleku… 305 more words


Duaa! Weapon of the Believers

📝 Topic: Duaa! Weapon of the Believers
( دعاء مومن کا ہتھیار)

🎙Speaker: Shaykh Hafiz Abdul Azeem Umri Madani Hafidahullah
( شیخ حافظ عبدالعظیم عمری مدنی ) 24 more words


Man opens restaurant/training center helping people diagnosed with MS

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It’s lunchtime at Max’s Positive Vibe Cafe, and Jeremy Grisson is ready for the rush.

“I greet the people, and I seat the people,” says Grisson, who has more than a decade of experience. 331 more words